Dear Hubby

To my dearest husband,
Being your wife for the past 244 days makes me realise how glad i am to have found you.. i can never thank Allah s.w.t enough for sending you into my life.. Remember the moment when i got morning sickness?? i have no idea of how much sleep you've lost just to make me comfortable so that i could rest, how you had to clean up when my tummy decided not to take in the food i ate, how you had to do the dishes and pack the leftovers because i was too tired from just cooking simple meal.. i'll be forever DEBTED to you and i can only pray to Allah s.w.t that He grants you the highest place in Jannah.. If the day comes and i have to go, i pray that He makes you strong and with His mercy, i pray hard that we will be reunited in Jannatul Firdausi.. Aamiin.. Thanks for being such an amazing husband one can ask for and despite the ups and downs, the thought of being the luckiest person to be married to you never left my mind, not even for a second.. iLOVEYOU till my last breath.. <3

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